Vegan Sausages - can they still be called sausages…?

Vegan Sausages - can they still be called sausages…?

Vegan Sausages - can they still be called sausages…?

So in preparation for our pizza date-night-at-home, I decided to try my hand at making vegan sausages. As someone that follows a plant-based, whole-food, gluten-free diet, the store-bought, over-processed sausages just aren’t an option.

And finding a recipe that works and doesn’t leave you with a crumbly mess of ingredients is something to celebrate. So here I am…

I recently purchased “The Happy Pear - vegan cooking for everyone” recipe book. What a revelation. This recipe book takes what you think a recipe book should look like, and turns it on its head. Their format takes some time to get used to, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll not only be able to make everything in their book, but you’ll be able to apply these basic skills and fundamentals to everything you cook.

Back to my sausages… I made the “Sweet Potato and Quinoa Sausages” on page 64 & 65 of the book. It’s an easy recipe to follow and the result is a firm, well-textured sausage that tastes amazing.

Some additions of my own. I tossed my sweet potatoes in some smoked paprika and chilli powder, along with salt and olive oil, when I roasted them. It added some extra flavour and spice.

I also used my food processor for the mixing. I chopped the nuts in my mini processor first so there weren’t any big pieces. And then I added the required ingredients to my larger food processor and blitzed it until I had a nice combined mixture.


The mixture comes together really nicely and holds its shape. Rolling them is very easy. I weighed my first ball to get a sense of sizing. I doubled the recipe, resulting in 16 fairly good sized sausages (about 60-65g each).

I rolled my sausages in sesame seeds and pan-fried them. The seeds made a nice crust. And added an extra level of flavour. However, I’d be keen on making them without sesame seeds next time to see how they turn out.


They tasted great. We ate some directly from the pan with some of my BBQ sauce. And they were an amazing addition on our pizzas.

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