Kuto Food Dehydrator

R 4,800.00
by Kuto
The Kuto Digital Food Dehydrator is the latest in economical 21st-century food dehydration, equipped with digital touchpad control, clear door view and adjustable temperature and time functionality. Suitable for preparing fruit, vegetables, hiking and camping foods, biltong, crackers, and treats for your pets that are rich in nutrients, flavour and colour.

* Digital touchpad control – Modern method of operation
* Temperature and time settings – 35-70 degrees and up to 19.5 hours
* Quiet operation  – Some dehydrators are really loud!
* Clear door – View food while drying without interrupting the actual process.
* Large drying capacity – Produce should be laid out on each tray avoiding overlap for the most efficient drying

"Square" Trays – 33×30 cm. These are very convenient especially for dehydrating foods that require cutting such as pizza or crackers. They can be used with BPA-Free mesh sheets for drying smaller foods such as herbs as well as non-stick reusable sheets for drying wet content foods like fruit rolls.

Increase height between trays – Trays can also be removed to create space for drying larger items

Dehydration Area – The Kuto dehydrator offers over ½ m2 area of drying space  (0.6m2)

Raw-food friendly – Offers a temperature as low as of 35 degrees. This temperature will gently remove moisture without losing absolutely essential enzymes, vitamins, minerals and large amounts of life force energy

Mesh sheets – Optional extra – for drying small items and products such as herbs

Solid trays – For wet stuff – Inc. with Plus option and available for the Standard option

Non-stick sheets – Alternative to solid trays for drying the wet stuff

Residue collection tray – Catch what drops

Adjustable temperatures – Temperatures range from 35–70 degrees Celsius in increments of 5 degrees. Gentle enough to dry herbs while tough enough to dry high moisture foods, such as fruit rolls. Ordinary dehydrators produce constant unchanging heat, which causes “case hardening” where only the surface is dry and moisture is trapped inside. Case hardening creates the right environment for mould, bacteria growth and yeast

Easy to clean – The Kuto dehydrator is easy to clean, simply wipe the dehydrator with a damp cloth both inside and out

No Rotation – Even drying with a central fan means no need to rotate the trays

Built-in digital timer – up to 19.5 hours. Set the digital timer on your dehydrator and focus on the things that matter the most like spending time with family!

Cost-effective replacement parts

Kuto Dehydrator Technology
The Kuto dehydrator comes with SOP (Safety Overheating Protection) technology. This technology protects the dehydrator from overheating at any point. Making it one of the safest dehydrators to use on the market.

* Electric control panel for easy time and temperature settings
* Built-in timer
* Temperature ranges from 35-70 degrees celsius
* Time adjustable for up to 19.5  hours
* Trays – BPA-free food-grade plastic
* Clear door to view the dehydrating process without interrupting the airflow
* 220-240 volts
* 500 Watts
* Colour: White
* Not dishwasher safe
* 1-year warranty (For household use only)
Manufactured in PRC
* All parts that come into contact with the food are BPA-free!

* Dehydrator with retail box:(LxBxH) 48.2 x 37.6 x 34.5 cm
* Dehydrator:(LxBxH) 44.7 x 37 x 30 cm
* Tray Size – 33 x 30 cm

In the box
* Kuto dehydrator + Trays + Lid
* 1 solid/drip tray (32 x 30 cm)
* 1 mesh sheet
* User-friendly instruction manual