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E-mail: /  Phone: (011) 568 8091

462B Fleetwood Ave
North Riding A.H.
North Riding Equestrian Estates
JHB, Gauteng, 2169
Just off the Northumberland Ave (On a gravel road)

Operating Hours:
Monday - Friday 9:00 – 16:00 
NB:  Available by appointment ONLY

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Did you know...? forms part of the Virtual Ocean Group which is owned and operated by Kevin & Vanessa Cook.

Yes you read that right... This site is owned by "Mr & Mrs Cook" 

Both Kevin and Vanessa operate several high profile e-commerce websites in Southern Africa.
Cooking is one of this dynamic duo's passions and it was only a matter of time before their their culinary passions made it out of the kitchen and appeared online.

The is an ever evolving work in progress, initially started as a fun side project it has taken on a life of its own and now stocks a range of the world's most popular cook books and more cool cooking accessories and equipment will be added over the coming months. 

Basically Kevin and Vanessa will buy a cook book and try out the recipes, if they like the book then they put it on their site, same for the cooking equipment, if they find a great piece of kit they will list it here for resale. 

According to them every meal is an experience to be savoured... 
Happy cooking. :-)

The Virtual Ocean

The Virtual Ocean is collection on online E-commerce based websites.
We are constantly striving to develop & improve all of our divisions and we are super excited to bring these current sites to market.

Our current portfolio outlined here under...

*NOTE* We are situated on a Plot / Small Holding in the Equestrian Estate in North Riding. There is a 400m section of gravel road that needs to be travelled to get to our gate. This road can sometimes be quite bumpy after heavy rains. We also have a VERY long driveway often frequented by our resident bunny rabbits and scrub hairs so please drive slowly on the way down as not to scare them away into adjacent farms as we really like our little furry residents.