Abygale Aardvark and her Wildlife Friends

R 275.00

Abygale Aardvark and her Wildlife Friends is a carefully researched and beautifully presented book for readers of all ages dedicated to the urgent need to protect and enrich the wonderful wildlife of Africa. While each of the twenty stories is introduced and commented on by fictional character Abygale Aardvark, she leaves the actual story-telling to the real wildlife characters themselves, so that Aardvarks, Aardwolfs, Giraffes, Hornbills, Baboons, White-eyes, Impala, Red-billed Oxpeckers, Cape Buffalo, Red-chested Cuckoos and even Honey-Bees and Termites have a chance to tell their stories – who they are 'friends' with and how they work together 'for a better life'.

The back of the book has three sections that adds considerable value to the book:
"What's in a name?" is a section (unique in a book of this kind) which will fascinate readers by providing simple explanations of all the scientific names of the animals in the stories.
"Make your own cardboard cut-out badges" encourages readers to get involved with wildlife conservation.
"Abygale's Glossary" provides simple explanations to some of the words and terms in each story.

Relevant to the CAPS Curriculum - This book meets the goal of the curricula for both Grades 4-6 and for Grade 7 of the Secondary Phase by providing new knowledge and understandings of the ecological world in a refreshingly different way.

Also available in Afrikaans: Evie Erdvark en haar Natuurvriende

Author: Lynn Hurry
ISBN: 9781920217723
Extent: 104 pages
Format: 280 x 210 mm Hardcover, illustrated throughout with beautiful full-colour photographs and illustrations.