Boerekos with a Twist

R 375.00

Enjoy your mother, grandmother and great-grandmother's nourishing, comforting home cooking, but with a modern twist. Each of these 140 family recipes - from soups, sauces, vegetables, meat and desserts to pastries and classics for the pantry - has been thoroughly tested. The “recipe-with-a-lesson” concept that makes Annelien's blog, BoereKosTwist, such a phenomenal success is carried out in this book with excellent tips and advice throughout.

Throughout the book, she helps readers to master basic kitchen skills and shares useful advice, shortcuts and substitutes that will help even beginners gain confidence, and save time and money in the kitchen.

As an expert in food sciences, owner of a cooking school, farmer, working mother and blogger, Annelien knows exactly what cooks and nutritionists need now: a compact 21st century Cook & Enjoy for busy people.

Author: Annelien Pienaar
ISBN: 9780798177788
Date Released: July 2018
Format: Soft cover, 232pp