Low-Carb Express

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We would all love to eat less carbohydrates and switch to a low-carb diet, but many of us think we just do not have the time. We believe that low-carb cooking and baking are time consuming, because you have to start from scratch, and it involves specialised ingredients which may be expensive or hard to find. Not so, says Vickie de Beer, who believes the problem lies in the fact that we have become afraid of the kitchen and lost the knowhow of basic cooking techniques. The truth is that you can still cook nutritional and fl avourful meals without refi ned carbohydrates even when you are pressed for time. In Low-carb Express, Vickie shows that with a little planning and better time management, you can cook healthy meals in a cinch that will not only benefi t you and your family’s overall health, but might also benefit your budget.

In Low-carb Express, you plan your meals around your available time. Whether you have five minutes to whip up a nutritionally dense egg scramble or immune-boosting smoothie, or half an hour to make a delicious low-carb bobotie or the best-ever low-carb cupcakes, Vickie proves that there is no such thing as too little time to make healthy food choices. With recipes that take between five and thirty minutes to prepare, there really are no more excuses!

Contents: Introduction; Back to Basics; 10 Reasons to Eat Low-carb; Eating Low-carb Means; What Can I Eat?; The top 10 rules of superfast cooking; 5 Minutes; 10 Minutes; 15 Minutes; 20 Minutes; 25 Minutes; 30 Minutes; Index

ISBN 9781432310875
Format Paperback
Published February 2021
Author Vickie de Beer