Meat Manifesto

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Meat Manifesto

Andy Fenner

Meat Manifesto: Proper and Delicious offers a practical and considered guide on how to choose meat, how to butcher it and how to cook it.

Andy believes you can’t sell meat unless you know what to do with it and, in between personal food philosophies and agricultural insights, the book celebrates various cuts of meat, by introducing readers to them and offering delicious recipes best suited to each specific one. Andy smokes, grills and roasts his way through beef, pork, lamb, venison, poultry and even goat as recipes range from exotic (tongue, ears and offal) to basic (how to grill a pork chop).

The book will explain how to make bacon at home but also why you should be eating grass-fed beef, as opposed to feedlot. It will show you how to butcher a chicken at home but also explain how to best cook it. It is meticulously researched but presented in an approachable way. The end goal is to walk people through various meat recipes, sure, but also to strengthen the reader’s relationship with their supply chain by asking them to consider if they really are happy with the status quo.

About the Author

Previously voted as one of Mail&Guardian’s top 300 Young South Africans, Andy Fenner has been featured in – or contributed for – TASTE Magazine, Men’s Health, House&Leisure, GQ, Garden and Home, Sunday Times, Cape Times, Gourmet Traveller and the inflight titles for Kulula, Mango, SAA and British Airways. He has been a judge for Eat Out magazine for two consecutive years and has worked as a brand consultant for various wine farms, chefs and restaurants. As owner of Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants, he is featured regularly in media as an authoritative voice on meat. This is his second book.