Sprout Bag - Microgarden Growbag (Re-usable)

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Sprouts in a Bag (Re-usable)
Our Microgarden sprouting / grow bags are a convenient, space-saving way to grow your own herbs with minimal fuss in an urban environment.

Use our natural hessian bag from the Microgarden range to grow your own crispy-fresh green sprouts in your kitchen. This is a hanging sprout bag, based on Microgarden’s convenient and space-saving urban gardening designs. Even if your home is a small modern apartment in a big city, you can enjoy the goodness of farm-fresh sprouts in just 3 to 5 days.

They look also great, creating a hanging garden that brings the soft aliveness of greenery into your space.

Simply hang the bag on any vertical wall – a fence, a balcony, a trellis – and pluck your own fresh herbs for your medicine and cooking - the best way to enjoy herbs.

These Microbags also make for the ideal gift.